These decisions show the types of issues we deal with and what the Ombudsman expects of agencies, including recommendations for administrative improvement.

The Hon Vickie Chapman MP (2021/07047) (PDF, 4.9 MB)

 Investigation of a referral by the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Conduct of the Hon Vickie Chapman MP.

Department for Education (2020/02950) (Summary only, full report not available)  (PDF, 92.9 KB)

Investigation of a complaint that the Department for Education failed to communicate with a family regarding changes to the school’s self-regulation spaces, and the learning plans in place for their child.

Southern Mallee District Council (2021/06041) (PDF, 297.6 KB)

Investigation concerning failures to deal with conflicts of interest by Cr Grieger of the Southern Mallee District Council

The Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (2020/03043) (PDF, 691.5 KB)

An own initiative investigation concerning the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner’s investigation of care provided to people with disabilities in acute health care settings, and the Commissioner’s decision not to publish the investigation report.

Office of the Premier (2021/05954) (PDF, 298.4 KB)
Own initiative enquiries concerning alleged data harvesting via hyperlinks contained in government resources under the former government.

Anonymous Council (2020/01722) (de-identified report) (PDF, 398.3 KB)

Investigation regarding the council providing multiple vehicle allowances to the CEO, and the rate of reimbursement for payments.

Northern Areas Council (2022/00162) (PDF, 85.1 KB)
Investigation concerning misconduct by Mr Colin Byles, Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Areas Council.