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Download the ANZOA No Wrong Door information sheet (PDF, 622.8 KB) for information on free, fair and independent dispute resolution in South Australia.


Television, radio, the internet, anti-spam

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Banking and finance

Credit, finance, loans, deposits and payments, investments, financial advice, companies, financial markets and financial services

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Centrelink and child support

Family, children, child support, payments, Job Keeper, pension, New Start allowance, Health Care Card, disability support

Commonwealth Ombudsman

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Commonwealth Government agencies

Australian Defence Force, Australian Federal Police, Commonwealth Freedom of Information, immigration, Australia Post

Commonwealth Ombudsman

Employment and jobs

Employment issues, private companies, workplace laws, Job Keeper

Fair Work Ombudsman

Commonwealth Ombudsman

Education and training

South Australian Catholic schools, non-government schools, independent schools, vocational education and training, private education and training providers, apprenticeships and traineeships, internal education, higher education and adult community education

Association of Independent Schools of South Australia

Catholic Education South Australia

Commonwealth Ombudsman

South Australian Skills Commission

Goods and services

Private businesses, tradespeople, scammers, scams, dating, romance, personal information, buying and selling, fake charities, investments, unexpected money, fair-trading, licences, births, deaths and marriages, security licences, liquor licences

Consumer and Business Services / Commissioner for Consumer Affairs

Scam Watch

Health and aged care

Aged care, disability services, doctors, health services, hospitals, medical treatment, mental health services, residential facilities, rest homes, Medicare, Health Care card

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner

Commonwealth Ombudsman

National Disability Insurance Scheme


Private rental property, private tenancy, real estate agent, landlord

Consumer and Business Services / Commissioner for Consumer Affairs

South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Human rights

Age discrimination, disability discrimination, employment status discrimination, equal opportunities, family and marital status discrimination, political opinion discrimination, race discrimination, racial harassment, religious and ethical belief discrimination, sex and gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual orientation discrimination

Equal Opportunity Commissioner

Australian Human Rights Commission


Insurance, insurance advice, policies

Australian Financial Complaints Authority


Judiciary, judges, lawyers, legal aid, legal help

Judicial Conduct Commissioner

Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner

Legal Services Commission


Broadcasting, newspapers, television, the internet, radio, mobile phone content

Australian Communications and Media Authority


Police misconduct

Office for Public Integrity


Personal information, privacy breaches, data breaches

Australian Information Commissioner

Tax and superannuation

Superannuation, financial advice, investments, tax, taxation administration, Australian Tax Office, Tax Practitioners Board

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Inspector-General of Taxation & Taxation Ombudsman


Electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet or telecommunications services or companies

Energy and Water Ombudsman South Australia

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman