Read a selection of the Ombudsman’s Freedom of Information external review determinations.

These determinations show the types of external reviews regularly conducted by the Ombudsman, and provide insight into the Ombudsman’s interpretation of the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

Department of Health and Ageing (2014/04455) (PDF, 674.3 KB)

The applicant applied for access to statistical information held by the agency's ‘Pregnancy Outcomes Statistics Unit’ for each hospital. In its initial and internal review determinations, the agency actively dealt with one document that it considered was within the scope of the application for access. The Acting Ombudsman reversed the agency’s determination as she was not satisfied that the agency held any documents within the scope of the application.

Department of the Premier and Cabinet (2014/02025) (PDF, 88.9 KB)The Hon Robert Brokenshire MLC requested access to invoices and other documents revealing the ‘full costs of the advertising budget’ for three campaigns. The Ombudsman varied the agency’s determination.
Essential Services Commission of South Australia (2014/05988) (PDF, 73.1 KB)No summary available.

Minister for Education and Child Development (2013/08279) (PDF, 745.4 KB)

The Hon Michelle Lensink MLC requested a review of the agency’s determination to charge more than $13000 to deal with an FOI application for access to types of emails that referred directly or indirectly to Mr David Pisoni MP over a period of less than six months. The Ombudsman varied the fee to $3500.