We look into complaints about the Department for Child Protection and other state agencies with child protection responsibilities

Who and what can I complain about?

We can look into complaints about:

  • how the Department or agency has responded to notifications of suspected abuse and neglect
  • contact arrangements relating to children and young people under the guardianship of the Minister for Child Protection or the Department for Child Protection's Chief Executive
  • problems in communicating with the Department for Child Protection or agency
  • matters referred to us by the Commissioner for Children and Young People and the Guardian for Children and Young People.

We cannot look into complaints about:

  • private health and community service providers (for example, foster care agencies)
  • the policies of the  Department for Child Protection or any other state agencies
  • courts, judges and judicial decisions, such as decisions of the Youth Court or the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • SA Police
  • commonwealth government and governments in other states
  • Ministers and Cabinet
  • Members of Parliament
  • legal advisers to the Crown
  • employer/employee matters
  • the private sector, including individuals, businesses or companies (unless they are acting under contract with the Department for Child Protection or other state agency).

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