Lodging an application


All FOI applications must be lodged directly with the state government agency, local council or university that holds the documents to which you are seeking access. It is best to discuss your application with the agency prior to lodgement. The agency’s accredited FOI officer can often help you clarify your application.

Information about how to make an application for access to documents or amendment of records under the FOI Act can be found on the State Records Office website www.archives.sa.gov.au

Processing your request

Once an agency has received your written application it has 30 calendar days in which to process it. In some instances it may be necessary to extend the time limit for processing your application. The agency will notify you if this is the case.

Right of appeal

If a person makes an application and access to the information is not granted, the applicant normally has a right to seek an internal review by the principal officer/Chief Executive of the agency or council.  If access is still not granted then further rights of review exist, either to the Ombudsman, or to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Request a review

Ombudsman SA has the power to investigate and conduct an external review of determinations by agencies and councils under the FOI Act. We may confirm, vary or reverse the determination. We may also review the fees and charges levied by agencies for access to documents under the Act.