Law student internships

Brief Description of Ombudsman SA for Law Students:

The Ombudsman is an independent statutory officer appointed under the Ombudsman Act 1972 (SA), answerable to the South Australian parliament.

The Ombudsman:

  • investigates complaints made by the public about the administrative acts of South Australian agencies such as state government departments, statutory authorities, local government councils and council members;
  • conducts ‘own initiative’ investigations, and investigations on referral from the South Australian Parliament and the Independent Commission Against Corruption;
  • conducts administrative audits of agencies;
  • is an external review authority under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA);
  • receives disclosures of public interest information under the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 (SA).

As a law student, your role in contributing to this community focussed approach will be based on:

  • reading files and helping to determine whether the complainant has a case to be made;
  • developing case file chronologies;
  • sitting in on and potentially conducting client interviews; as well as
  • conducting legal research for audits and investigations.

Please click on the link below that corresponds with your educational institution for a description of the University courses offered to South Australian law students that link in with placements and internships at Ombudsman SA.

Adelaide University

University of South Australia