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Before you lodge an application for external review you should have read our Freedom of Information section. We cannot act on your behalf unless you have already asked the agency for access to documents, or requested they amend records. We also expect that you will have given them time to respond, and that you have followed up your request with senior management.

If your FOI application was not made to a South Australian state government department (or authority), or a South Australian council (local government), then it is outside the jurisdiction of Ombudsman SA and we are unable to assist you.

If you wish to apply for an external review of a decision by a South Australian government agency or council, you may contact Ombudsman SA by phone or in writing. If you apply for a review by phone, please have correspondence from the agency with you when you call. If you request a review in writing, please address the points listed in the online form (below).

We will use the information from this form to investigate your request. We will protect your personal details; however as part of investigating your request we will need to give some of this information to others. The information you submit will be stored in our complaints tracking database. If we publish a determination of your external review application, this may include information which can identify you.

If you require assistance

Non-English speaking people can receive assistance from the Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450.  The website is

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment the National Relay Service is available and can be contacted on 133 677 (TTY/voice calls) or 1300 555 727 (Speak & Listen) .

Request an external review

Please complete the online form to request an external review.

Application for an external review